1. When can I expect the Artist to arrive?

Usually 15 or 20 minutes ahead of show time unless parking is difficult or show is several minutes walking distance.

2. What does the Artist need upon arrival?

A place to plug in near a corner or wall and a small table or 2 chairs for my bag. If outdoors we need a flat dry level spot with cover that keeps the sun out and the sprinkles off our equipment.

3. What are the ideal conditions for a balloon twister?

A cool area is always better than a warm area for balloons. 70 degrees is perfect in winter or summer.

4. What about seating and food or distractions?

It's O.K. for the kids to sit on the floor or in chairs but drinks and food are a bad idea (spills) Please remove any distractions such as visible toys or helium balloons from show area so the Artist will have their complete attention.

5. Is it O.K. to video tape or take photographs during the show?


6. What if the performer leaves something behind like a trick or prize bag or something?

Please call him and he will send you a large envelope with prepaid postage for you to drop the item in the mail.

7. When should I pay the performer?

Anytime prior to end of performance or within 5 minutes after. Or online with paypal. Link is in agreement.